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Modcom Building Systems is based in Dubai, providing specialised products and services in Cold formed Steel building systems. We provide innovative solution for fast-track , secure, green and sustainable building construction. We use state of the art technology fully compliant with BS & ASCE standards to deliver quality to our valued clients.

Our dedicated team of professionals believe in understanding and offering complete solution to our clients that are reliable, cost-effective and best suitable to their requirement.

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Why Modcom

  • Approachable, enthusiastic & well experienced
  • Dubai Municipality Approved
  • One stop solution for Structural Design and detailing, production, assembly and installation
  • Multi-profile roll forming machine, 6 different C and U channels 75/100/150/200/250/350 mm
  • Gauge thickness of 0.7 to 2.5 mm
  • Production Capacity of nearly 13 tons in one shift
  • Pre-punched Service holes, dimpled holes, Truss cuts, swagged edges, web notch

Why Steel Building?

Steel building is a system with large openings and heights. All load bearing components are produced of steel. This system is most preferred for factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, depots and workshops in high seismic zones.

Urbanization mostly intensifies in the 1st and 2nd degree earthquake regions. Despite this fact, preference for steel building systems was rather scattered in the past. Steel buildings have superior mechanical features, static abilities and easiness of implementation as compared to other load bearing systems. Steel building structures such as, steel building and steel house have become widespread very quickly because of their fastness, safety, cost efficiency and standardized approach.

As cold formed steel buildings are lighter and stronger this is the best solution to have vertical extensions done on existing buildings. The dead load of this structure will not impact on the existing foundation.

Why Steel

Prefabricated load bearing elements provide high quality for reasonable prices and shorten the construction period to a great extend. Steel is the material that has the highest strength to weight ratio. Thanks to its high load bearing capacity steel structural members are produced as small profiles and sizes, lighter and at perfect quality. As the sizes of the load bearing components are far smaller than wood and concrete, usable space is a lot bigger in steel buildings, which enables a more efficient use of the building’s space. Price balance and short construction periods offer early moving in options with cost advantages i.e. paying fewer rents or less interest rate.
Steel is the most resistant construction material thanks to its high resistance, flexibility and lightness. As it is a very light material, it can resist impacts without breaking apart. The only factor to reduce the earthquake force is to lighten the building. Because bigger the mass of the building, the stronger the impact of force of the earthquake on the building. Steel houses are 5 times lighter than the concrete buildings. This means that the impact of earthquake force on the building is 5 times smaller.
Steel is a durable and reusable material. Materials obtained from the removal of steel buildings are recycled. A building’s skeleton made of light-gauge steel can be recycled from 7-8 old cars. On the other hand 50 trees need to be cut to build a similar house of wood.
Building up process is very quick and independent from weather conditions in steel construction as concrete is used only for the foundation. This allows a decrease in the need for capital and in the construction costs. Assembling of a 200 m2 house can be completed in only 7 days.
Steel is product that is produced all over the world at the set standards, checked and certified in every step of production. Manufacturers or users cannot intervene with its physical features. Theoretical calculations are valid at the implementation. As it is not hidden it can always be checked against the project and standards.